Wednesday, January 19, 2005

How can I save the world if I can't even upload my own picture?

Not a great start so far. After much deliberation, I chose a photo to upload at the top of my blog. An important choice, after all. When (really, if...) those intrepid few who stumble across my postings first come to my blog, my picture will be their first clue as to my personality, my spark, my creative soul...screw it, there's just no way I can figure out the stupid thing. I 've actually spent the last hour trying to upload it. Just ONE tiny little photo, and I have completely, utterly failed. It's bad enough that I am currently unemployed and unable to finish one little dissertation; you'd think I could make a go of a blog at least? Any computer geeks out there that can help me? YOU'RE probably not unemployed. Probably done with school too.


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