Sunday, September 18, 2005


Yes, I have been AWOL. Yes, I've spent the month vainly trying to put necessary parts of my life in order after a very full season spent everywhere but at home. No excuses though. Summer is over, and soon the decaying leaf and frosty air tang of fall will give everyone a hit of inspiration and the deep breaths of a back-to-work ethic.

I tend to lose touch with my friends in other places a little bit over the summer. Everyone is too busy with end-of-season playoff chases, trips, in-town gatherings (check out the yummy Sicilian meatballs I made for guests on Friday), and weekends of day-drinking to keep up with emailing or writing, except of the postcard variety. I applaud all of these things. But now it feels like it's time to get down to business, in both baseball and blogging. (After all, the Sox' lead in the AL East is a paltry one-and-a-half games.)

After the summer has passed, one's group needs to regroup. In the old days, this meant figuring out what happened to your friend who was arrested in Newport during Tall Ships week or who got kicked out of their summer share for sleeping with someone else's boyfriend. These days, it means getting the latest news on more monumental changes in the lives of the people in my life around the country: weddings, births, and, sadly, even illnesses and deaths, as we get older and our family members do too. Yesterday, I attended my final wedding of the year, my oldest friend gave birth to her first child, and I learned that my grandmother is going into hospice care, covering the big three all too well.

So I'm back--I won't be gone that long again--but I won't pretend to be full of wisdom and insight now that I'm thirty and surrounded by friends and family, so many of whom are experiencing major life changes.

In fact, in some ways I feel younger than ever, if "younger" means having a) more workout clothes than work clothes b) an unhealthy obsession with a movie release date [September 30: Serenity] c) friends who like to punch out hotel nightclerks and other friends who drive drunk across state lines in borrowed jeeps (a.k.a my Saturday night) and d) the type of luck to get kicked out of Nashua, New Hampshire's most amateurish strip club (a.k.a last Thursday). The hiatus is over, but I can make no promises that you'll be getting quality programming or valuable info from here on out. Just a little more me, a little more regularly. Thanks for reading.


At 12:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so with 1/2 game lead and 12 games to go - do you think the red sox will make it to the playoffs?

Who is going to pick up Nomar in the off season - do you think anyone will want him? JQ

At 11:40 AM, Blogger benji said...

wow, sounds like you've been as busy as i have! thanks for the update and i look forward to your every word. good stuff, i wish i could write like that...

At 1:28 PM, Blogger scs said...

thanks Benj! Crazy summer, right? You are one of those people undergoing major life changes for sure. And JQ (ditto for you, brand new father): There is a real likelihood that the Sox will not make the playoffs. It is totally possible. Baltimore and Toronto are not pancake teams, not to mention we couldn't even get it done with Tampa Bay last night. There is every possibility that it could all come down to the LAST series of the season in a Sox/Yankees showdown. Shivers. Clear your schedules now.


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