Thursday, February 03, 2005

Dry Spell's Over

A good friend asked me today if I was "excited" about the upcoming Red Sox season. (Yeah, it's an icy crusted frozen over hell in New England, but pitchers and catchers report in 14 days.) It's a valid question. Anytime over the last five years, this question was utterly unnecessary as it was assumed by everyone who knew me even a little bit that the answer was yes yes oh very excited red sox yes. But last year, we won the big bonanza. And it changes things, yeah, it does. So I want to explain it like this:

Maybe there's a guy going through a dry spell (sorry to be sexist ladies, but let's face it if a woman's going through a dry spell she doesn't have to do much to turn that shit around). A really long, really dry, we're talking years, really hard, dry spell. He know he's got good stuff, and he's gotten real close a couple of times, but the girl of his dreams just isn't giving it up for him.

But finally, finally! she fucks him. And it's amazing and powerful and better than anything he'd imagined alone in his bunk all those nights. And then camp ends and they go their separate ways for the year just like always. Now, is this guy excited for next summer? You bet he is. He's just a little less nervous and a little less sweaty--and god knows she's far from being a sure thing--but he's been there before, and he knows how the inside of her body feels, and for that reason he's going to walk into camp a little bit differently... ready to get that magic stirred up again.

So yeah, I'm excited.


At 8:16 PM, Blogger huntsmanic said...

of course when this quote-un-quote Friend of yours asked you this he was being rhetorical, almost. said friend is glad to hear you draw the sexual analogy. not just because it is apt; but also for the fact that it lines up well with sullivan's trademark "it all works out in the end" approach to life's Important Questions.

re the general ODISTOL question: time to let the dogs out, my finicky-in-all-matters-of-the-self friend. it's ready. oh, yes.

At 9:09 PM, Blogger huntsmanic said...

dude you should change your settings so a person doesn't have to be a blogspot member to post a comment. i mean it's not the worst thing -- trying to post a comment on my friend's blog was how i ended up registering for and starting my own -- but you're liable to get less feedback if you have to be a cool "member" in order to comment on your shit. --which is good, incidentally, your shit. i like it.


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