Friday, February 11, 2005

Soylent Green is People

Okay: at the risk of sounding like a crazy hippie, I have to tell y'all to stop drinking milk already. At least American milk. Mixed in with the general crack-headedness of the folks over there at is some actual research telling us that the bovine growth hormone is not your friend. (i.e. cows too obese to stand up milked dozens of times a day as a result of chemical injections) No need to give up the Wheaties--soy, rice, and almond milk make perfectly nice, calcium-fortified substitutions. (Well, soy makes my lips all tingly, so I'm a rice girl myself.)

Did I mention that the bovine growth hormone is banned in Europe? A friend of mine I'll call "Paul" moved to the States a year ago, having drunk milk with happiness and success in England his entire life. After moving here, he had such terrible stomach problems that he saw several specialists to no avail. The only thing that ended his pain and suffering was the elimination of (American) dairy from his diet. The company providing and marketing most of the growth hormone, Monsanto, also walks on the dark side, flanked tightly by those legions of folks from the Dairy Board. I'm too swamped keeping up with our current administration to follow another organization's dirty tricks, but I hear they're meanies over there at Monsanto.

For an actual book on the subject (as opposed to my late-night rantings) check out this one from a former Medical Director at Johns Hopkins. No time for a whole book? Yeah, me neither. Just read this informative summary from a nice lady who's done all the research for you. And then put down that dirty bovine glass!


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