Monday, February 14, 2005

I'm No Expert, But...

Fox 25 news is coming to my house tomorrow morning to interview me as an expert user of online medical resources. Putting my knee-jerk negative reaction to anything Fox aside (the same network that brings you BOTH Bill O'Reilly and Tim McCarver, after all), I think it should be pretty fun. The fact that my "expertise" consists absolutely of my own a) curiosity, b) desperation or, c) late-night boredom is hopefully beside the point.

a) Curiosity: When my doctor tells me I have a "lipoma," but can tell me little else (thanks, BU medical center), I have to troll online for the other necessary information (lipoma=the most common benign growth of soft tissue, i.e. a non-cancerous lump of fat cells.) Eeewww, but good to know.

b) Desperation: When my sister calls from her semester abroad with an itchy eye and no easy access to a doctor, it's my job to make sure she doesn't have conjunctivitis. does the trick.

c) Late-night boredom: Those folks at are just a riot (see last posting). When bored, or eating a bowl of cereal, browse a bit on the topic of milk and prostrate cancer, milk and allergies, or milk and Alzheimer's. Some good stuff there at 3 am.

So, these days this makes me an expert! Apparently, anyone can be. In the meantime, I have to clean out my rat's nest of a study, hide the lipoma, and get presentable for the cameras. Gotta go.


At 6:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i would love to see a copy of the fox program - can you send us a copy? JQ


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