Friday, May 13, 2005

Links of the Day

Just a few things I've been reading, in case you have a case of the Fridays and would like encouragement in your efforts to procrastinate at work (or home):

--Speaking of Friday, it's the 13th! Find out once and for all why people say, "I can't friggin' wait for Friday!"

--The companies who make fattening food and oversized baked goods buy ad space to tell you that fattening food and oversized baked goods aren't that bad for you. Eat up!

--This is only relevant for people living in Boston, and only for people who are as dorkily into Buffy the Vampire Slayer as I am (you know you're out there). Scroll down to the entry for May 27 under "midnite." And, yes, I am going.

--Click here for the usual idiocy from that Ronald McDonald look-alike from the Boston Globe. Then check out this comprehensive rebuttal written a couple years ago in advance of Ronald's babbling.

--I've had Quorn fajitas. And they're pretty good. Not too sure about that whole "fungus" thing tho.

--Just a bit of rhetorical humor courtesy of Check out paragraph #4 especially. After all, who wants to "run a laundry list of unfounded attacks" when you can't disprove any of them? Yeah, that's no fun.

--For those six pregnant friends of mine to download. And narcissists who want to look up their own name. (Mine's #65 )

--None of us are too busy to take a sex quiz. Note: a minimum score will be necessary in order to continue "doing it." Please report back to me.


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