Wednesday, February 23, 2005

What's a couple of years?

Okay, here's the thing. Today is the day I start my dissertation. Yes, today. I know that most of you have been under the impression that I've been doing that very thing since September 2003, but you couldn't be more wrong. It's time to put ya into the loop. What HAVE I been doing for the past 18 months, instead? Well...

a) planning my wedding b) planning my other wedding c) solving a family in-law crisis d) setting up a quasi-adult apartment complete with things like egg separators e) hosting dinners, brunches, and game nights f) planning James's two surprise 30th birthdays g) watching the Red Sox win the world series (that seriously set me back a couple of months) h) evicting a crazy roommate and cleaning up her graffiti when she left i) taking acting classes j) going to Dublin for Bloomsday k) dying my hair black l) collecting every journal article ever written on Eavan Boland m) watching All My Children n) fund-raising for Kerry o) taking an essay-writing class p) giving up dairy, caffeine, and trans-fats q) staying up-to-date with my friends & family around the country r) reading the New Yorker s) working on my abs t) tutoring Newton high school students u) writing witty emails to Joyce scholars v) going to Michigan, California, Reno, Miami, London, Chicago, and New York w) being a housewife (full fucking time job, go ask your mothers) x) writing a Worcester high school accreditation essay y) learning how to make Aloo Gobi and z) this blog.

But that's all over now. Well, except the blog and some of the other stuff. Today is the day it really begins, and you are lucky enough to be here. I sat down at my desk this afternoon and found that I have NOTHING left to research on my dissertation topic. Nothing. I have read and summarized and collated every article ever written on my author. There is now nothing left to do except face the blank page and try to put something down on it that will get me out of this delightfully entertaining interlude and into the rest of my life. Only it's more like 250 blank pages.

And you know that question that all of you have been asking me for the last year and a half? You know: "How's the dissertation coming?" You can ask it freely now, without me secretly hating you for not realizing how long it takes to make 101 pearlized fleur-de-lis invitations and matching namecards. It's okay now! Ask away!

And by tomorrow, maybe it will be 249 blank pages.


At 2:54 PM, Blogger charles.bukowski.costanza said...

oh sweetypie :: good for you for getting ready to start! that's fun. and i'm being serious when i say that. i have an utter lack of relevant context, really, but am excellent at inventing context. so i can say that in the last few months i have hesitated and prolonged the starting of several different freelance projects (most notably: Your Growing Child! parenting guides, vol. 1-5) and alls i can say is Power to You. You'll get into the groove. with a quickness. when you want a break you've got your blog, and, oh yeah, i wanted to point you to 2 of my friends' blogs that are great: one of my best brothers (and possibly the best writer i know in life) and his-and-now-my buddy paul good stuff.

At 3:08 PM, Blogger joyandpain said...

I had suspicions that you were doing a to z rather than writing... I'm happy to know we are now finally allowed to really ask and that you are on the move.

So is it 249 blank pages today?

At 4:39 PM, Anonymous kudzai99 said...


I just found your invite to this wonderful blog today. This is your writeline. I loved reading it. I am glad to hear you are working on your abs, and concerned that you aren't getting enough lysine if you are cutting back on dairy. Are you lacto intolerant? As for the diseration. I am not worried you will crack it out any day. You have it in you. And then you are done!

All is well--Amy

At 7:15 PM, Blogger scs said...

Thanks so much Amy! And very astute of you to observe that this is my Writeline. I hadn't thought of that. I'm not lactose-intolerant; I just don't like the idea of consuming BST. I think I'm probably fine on the lysine because I can't seem to stay away from cheese, my favorite food. Keep up the comments; I love them!

At 1:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah, yes. but remember that the greatest trick is to have been able to accomplish a thru z while reading, collating, researching, etc.
dissertation, shmissertation. that's been simmering all along, through all those articles and time on EBSCOhost and WorldCat.
a grand and noble thing: yes.
but to bust out that PhD and still be highly interesting and capable and fruitful in a real life kind of way (see a thru z): fabulous.
and to be blogging and commentating on TV: lordy.


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